Emma: A Visit from a Good Friend

EmmaIf you are an avid All Aboard Wheat Harvest and Misener Family Harvesters follower, you may know Joel from Iowa. He took some vacation time to come visit us.

We first met Joel (we call him, Hammy after the squirrel from Over the Hedge) back in 2008 at Gathering of the Green. He was very interested in harvest and wanted to experience it. The following year, he and his sister, Olivia, came and worked for us. He fit in really well and is a good worker. He returned in 2010. The siblings have visited us periodically throughout the harvest seasons, including fall harvest to help out and take their vacation. We love having them come!

It is always a treat to hear his never ending jokes and his own harvest stories. We make it a requirement to come visit after you have worked for us. Once you are family, you can’t cut ties!

Emma: Joel's here for a visit
Leslie and Joel snuggle in for a hug!

Emma: Joel's here for a visit
Then everyone joins in! (L to R: Leslie, Martha, Joel, Lauren and Elizabeth)

Be safe and God bless!

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