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Emma: Kansas Wedding

EmmaOne good thing about not having anything to harvest this time of year is that we are able to do some things we might not have been able to. Like attending summer weddings! Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of obligations, but nothing with the unpredictability that comes with wheat harvest.

Sarah is a long-time friend. She has been praying for rain for about six months so we could attend her and her fiance Daniel’s wedding. Her prayers were answered! We went up to Kansas for their special day. I am so glad we did. It was really great to see them both.

Emma: Kansas Wedding
It is definitely not the greatest picture, it was dark!

Sarah has been on harvest in years past. Although she has never worked for us, she has visited many times. One particular visit, she finally got the gumption to drive the big green machines. She was definitely nervous, but she did a great job. I had to laugh at her because even though I was right there in the buddy seat, she did not trust herself to go any faster than two miles per hour! Efficiency was not her strong point, nor was driving straight! She knew what to do, but the fact that she was responsible for thousands of dollars worth of machinery made her a bit tense. She got the nickname “Grandma” that day and it has stuck with her. Now that Grandma is married, her husband naturally becomes ‘Grandpa.’ I hope they will come and visit us this fall or next summer. We will see if Grandpa lives up to his new name!

Emma: throwback to 2011
This is Sarah (AKA Grandma). This is a throwback picture from that day when she learned to drive the combine, and got her new name! (June 2011).

Be safe and God bless!

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