Steph: You Might Be A Harvester If…

StephNEW_thumbnailHere are the top 10 signs, compiled by Osowski Ag Service, that will tell if you truly are a custom harvester:

10. You want nothing to do with bringing a camper to the lake because the camper is your home all summer long. You would rather sleep in a tent at the lake.

9. You know where all the good gas stations along the harvest trail are (essentially, you know where the best snacks can be found).

8. Those fields in the middle of nowhere in Kansas? You know who farms them.

7. You will tell harvest stories at Christmas because they are not only the best, but it helps you to remember that it’s only 5 more months till departure.

6. You could get stranded almost anywhere in the Midwest, make a few phone calls, and be on your way again in no time.

5. You don’t think of harvest as a job, it’s a season; school (fall), hockey (winter), mud (spring) and harvest (summer).

4. When driving around, you see a skinny road and think “Man, that would NOT be a good road to pull combine on.”

3. Similar to number 4, you see a steep hill and wonder if your truck would “cough” a lot while climbing up it.

2. Vacations only happen when it rains.

1. You come home after a day’s work, exhausted and covered in chaff after a 13 hour day, and can’t wait to wake up in 6 hours to do it all over again.

The list could go on and on, but we will settle with 10 for now. Happy Harvest everyone!

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