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Megan: Family Fun

During Roland Harvesting’s time in Hoxie, Kan., the crew had an unexpected surprise on the 4th of July. Ashley, Kurt, Augie Dog and I pulled up to the fairgrounds and knocked on the camper door, knowing that Mom would be finishing up supper to take out to the guys. After a few screams of shock and excitement (and a few tears) we were welcomed with open arms. We helped load up the dinner plates and made our way out to the field. Mom radioed the crew that they needed to stop for supper. When the combines pulled up we jumped out of the pickup to surprise everyone else. We continued cutting until dark and then made our way into Hoxie where we shot off fireworks from our combine trailers. Even though we were only able to spend a couple days on the harvest run we loved every second of it. I know I’m rather behind on getting everything together but better late than never, right? Plus, I went a little “picture crazy,” so please enjoy!

Green wheat near Chappell, NE on 7/4
During our journey south I had to stop to capture the beautiful wheat transitioning. This was taken near Chappell, Nebr. on July 4th. Currently, harvest in that area is underway.

Racing the storm
Ah, it felt SO GOOD to be back into the wheat field again. Once a harvester, always a harvester!

Megan, Mom and Ash reunited
Mom and her girls (me and Ashley) back together!

Stopped for dinner
The machinery all stopped temporarily so the crew could enjoy a tailgate supper. Storm clouds threatened our progress but luckily they blew on past.

Augie enjoying the wheat
After being cooped up in the pickup all afternoon Augie Dog was ecstatic to go frolic through the wheat field. I may have joined him for a lap or two!

Kurt, Ashley, and Mom thumbs up
Kurt, Ashley, and Mom give “thumbs up” to the family being reunited on the harvest trail.

Cutting away
The next morning proved to be the perfect harvest conditions. In fact, endless sunshine and 110 degree weather accompanied us the rest of the weekend. No rain days on our watch!

Ashley heading up the ladder
Of course, Ashley climbed back into her natural environment. She’s one of Roland Harvesting’s most experienced combine operators, even if she’s an “alumni.”

Brandon driving combine
Brandon forgot what my photo shoots were like. He laughed and made funny faces most of the time I was trying to capture him behind the wheel of his CR.

From the combine cab
This view from the cab is certainly one I’ve missed.

Unloading on the grain cart
Ashley unloads on the grain cart as we finish up the field.

Jose cracks into the book
When the positive straw discharge belt was acting up, Jose put his college skills to use and turned to the operating manual for the answer. Since the crew was split and Dad was 40 miles in the opposite direction, the boys used their other resources at hand.

Brandon blowing off the header
Brandon blows off the header before we moved part of the crew to the other side of Colby, near the town of Levant.

Headed down the road
Movin’ down the road. I was happy to be back as the fearless leader!

Convoy on the move
Part of the convoy pulling into Levant.

Brandon opening up the field
Brandon opens up the field to make room for the rest of the equipment.

Kurt and Jose watch Ashley hook up the header
Kurt and Jose watch on as Ashley hooks up her header.

Justin and Matt conversing
Justin and Matt converse about the day.

Wheat bouncing in the wind
Blue skies, golden fields.

Siblings - Ashley, Megan, Brandon
The Roland siblings (Ashley, me, and Brandon) proudly smile for the camera. As we get older, it’s more challenging to reunite the 3 of us together in the field. So, when it does happen, we enjoy the moment to the fullest!

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