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Steph: Hello, Nebraska!

StephNEW_thumbnailProlonged goodbyes were finally said to St. Francis, Kan. Osowski Ag Service has officially arrived at our 5th and final stop on the harvest trail, Hemingford, Neb. We are staying in a different trailer park so that is about the only change we are seeing. Well, and the time change, since we are now in the Mountain Time Zone. This is why we love small town USA.

Our trip to Hemingford only took us four and a half hours, so a blink of an eye compared to some of the hauls we make throughout summer. Road trips are just part of the gig. I put on a few concerts for the steering wheel in Purple and time flew right on by. My favorite song as of lately to belt has been I Wish I Could Break Your Heart” by Cassadee Pope (if you’re unfamiliar, check the link! Amazing vocalist). I always wonder what people think when they see me singing my little heart out while driving around in my purple truck. Most likely along the lines of “what is she DOING?” I get kind of into it sometimes.

We are hoping to get started combining on Monday! Farmers in the area are very excited about their crops so we, in turn, are excited to get back into the fields!

Quote of the Day (resurrected): “I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours and cried.” – I had to bring this one back into the spotlight from last year. Our farmer, Bob, said this and in honor of our last day of harvest with him, I thought I would shed some light on his wit.

You might be a harvester if… you don’t even blink an eye when someone mentions a 13 hour road trip (or you completely back away because your entire livelihood revolves around driving).

Posed by the service truck at our new temporary home.

Brandon by the service truck at our new temporary home.

Nice welcome sight to see.

Nice welcome sight to see. And right in our backyard!

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