Steph: Stop and Go

StephNEW_thumbnailHalf a circle complete! Irrigation is a funny thing. One of the halves was ready for us to harvest, while the other is still between ripe and ready. However, I don’t think I have ever seen wheat at 12.2 percent moisture with such green straw. We were able to finish the half we were on and decided to wait on the other one to be certain it will be ready. The yields have been awesome, coming in around 90 bushels per acre.

We are hauling to a brand spankin’ new elevator in town, Prairie Sky Seed. The facilities are still in construction but are fully equipped to take wheat this harvest. Because the grain contracted to that elevator is for seed purposes, the moisture content cannot be any higher than 14 percent. The staff and facilities are top notch so we feel privileged to get to haul there!

You might be a harvester if…you never commit to any plans during June or July because the wheat waits for no one.

Wheat and corn, hanging out together.

Wheat and corn, hanging out together.

Such green straw yet the wheat is dry...bizarre.

Soooo green, don’t know how the moisture is so low.

Some header action.

Some header action while riding with dad.

What a strange sight to see.

I should probably move.

Waving with both hands!

He makes some pretty funny faces at me sometimes.

Finishing up the field.

Irrigation is a funny thing, but it sure makes for some beautiful wheat.

We were able to meet up in Scottsbluff with a crew we have been friends with for years, the Russell’s. We had a great supper and an even greater time visiting with them for the evening.

Ben...what a goof.

This is Ben, doing his best to “photobomb” a photo of Carley and I. I would say he succeeded.


The Russell kids and I :)

The Russell kids and I, from left to right; Ben, Brady, me (Steph) and Carley.

Harvest gals.

Harvest gals.

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