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Hemingford, Neb. – As I mentioned in my previous post, harvest around home is in the final stretch. Our extended family came to our rescue like they do every summer. Roland Harvesting would like to thank everyone in our family for helping out with home harvest and keeping things in line at the farm while we are on the road.  Cooking meals, getting fuel, running combines, and trucking are just a few tasks that our family assists with during our busy time of year. Their wonderful help is always greatly appreciated! Here are some more photos from the past couple weeks.

Making progress
Cutting away near the Pine Ridge south of Chadron.

Grain cart unloading
The tractor and grain cart line up with the truck to unload.

Jose's haircut
After a long busy summer the boys finally got haircuts and shaved! Jose was the only one willing to show off his clean cut look.

Moving through fields
Sometimes a little off-roading in the pasture is necessary to get to the next field.

Brandon eating lunch
Brandon insisted on stopping for lunch one day. This was his idea of a break.

Different prospective
A little different perspective on combining.

Cutting away
What a view! Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Dad driving
Dad back in his “captain chair.”

While the grain cart was busy in Chadron, Mom and Dad had to keep the combines empty the old fashioned way at home.

Matt trucking
Trucker Matt hits the highway again as he takes another load into town.

Wheat bouncing in the wind
The “old timers” always say that wheat truly isn’t ripe until the heads are bent over like this.

Wheat and unloading
Seeing such an exceptional crop at home was a welcomed sight after several years of drought.

Brandon and James
Cousins reunited! Brandon and James stop for a quick picture after unloading the combines near Chadron. James made it home for a couple weekends to help out. It was nice to have one of our own veteran combine operators back in the field!   

Uncle Carl trucking
Uncle Carl was around for much of harvest and was a tremendous help! I wasn’t able to get a picture of Aunt Lynda but she also spent many days assisting with harvest duties.

Combining at dusk
Harvest sunsets are my absolute favorite!

Truck parked at sunset
With the high yields we had these trucks back on the road in no time.

Those dark clouds on the right proved to be threatening about an hour later. Strong winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rain and even a small funnel cloud formed from that storm. It was pure madness getting out of the face of the storm and booking it back to the farm but the crew was able to steer clear of harms way. Even the field we were cutting managed to miss the damaging hail. What an eventful evening!

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