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Steph: Return to the Homeland

StephNEW_thumbnailDuring harvest we have structure. We all have our own delegated tasks to complete each day; mom makes breakfast, dad buys ice and fills up water jugs and the cooler, and Brandon and I fuel up and service machines. When we get home, the structure collapses. I chalk it up to us having our own vehicles, rather than sharing in the luxury of one pickup throughout the summer. Mind you, we also have the service truck down south, but nobody really wants to roll around town in that. When we get home, we end up going off and doing our own thing, though we are never too far away.

The trip from Hemingford, Neb. to Grafton, N.D. takes us a day and half, no matter how early we wake up and get started. We parked for the night in Herreid, S.D. and had to have a hoodie on the following morning when we took off to make the rest of the trip home. You might be in the Dakotas if…you need a hoodie during August mornings. I had my Shania Twain playlist going during a portion of the drive and let me tell you, nothing says “Man, I Feel Like a Woman like driving a purple truck through the North Dakota countryside. We were able to make it safely into the city limits of Grafton around 4pm.

Quote (s) of the Day: Dad – “Isn’t our turn coming up?” Mom – “Got a road number?” Dad – “I don’t use maps, I just know.”

Harvest Tip: When traveling, leave enough space between you and whatever rig you’re following so those who would like to pass can do so safely.

You might be a harvester if…you don’t need a map to navigate around the Midwest.

The trip home! Doesn't seem long when you look at the miles, but it still takes us a day and a half.

The trip home! Looking at mileage doesn’t seem bad but it still takes the crew a day and a half.

My view for the trip.

My view during the trip.

Dad, pondering the trip.

Dad must be pondering the trip.

Some pretty SD scenery.

Some pretty SD scenery.

What a lineup.

What a lineup.

While in Hemingford, I was able to go cruise through the Crawford area, which is filled with beautiful scenery, as well as make a quick cruise through Toadstool Park. Check out the photos below!

A little drive to Crawford and the surrounding area.

Some little cactus.

Climbed a peak for a this view...worth it.

There were windmills everywhere!!!

Toadstool Park.

Toadstool Park. It’s crazy to imagine how these formed. Where’s the rest of it?

A spout where natural spring water comes out! Complete with its very own cup.

Here is a spout where natural spring water flows out of, complete with a cup hanging above it if you want to take a sip.

Cow crossing.

Cow crossing.

Some tree action.

Wildflower beauty.

Nebraska scenery.

Beautiful Nebraska scenery.

And another windmill, just because.

And another windmill, just because.

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