A Brief Harvest Day

StephNEW_thumbnailTen acres down, too many to count to go! Osowski Ag Service was able to get back in the field, if only for a brief time period. When I say brief, I mean a solid half hour of thrashing. A farmer of ours north of town had a ten acre patch of barley that was ready for us to do, but dad and I were optimistic that there had to be something else ready. There were combines moving only a couple miles away so more had to be ready for us too, right? Unfortunately, that was not the case. Hopefully early next week we can get back in the full swing of things!

We are all about shiny, spiffy looking equipment, so that has been my job for the last couple days. My booming height of 5’2″ normally doesn’t bother me, until I start washing large farm equipment. It takes me infinitely longer to wash anything than it does my dad or brother since the time is spent climbing up and down ladders and trying to balance on my tippy toes. We had the radio going in the shop and on that particular radio station, they were going through the big hits of the 80s in alphabetical order. I lived life in the fast lane, on a prayer, and on the edge all in the course of ten minutes.

Quote of the Day: “Well there is a cloud in the sky so yes, there is a ‘possibility’ of rain. Doesn’t mean it’s actually gonna happen.”

You might be a harvester if…washing a car is a cake walk because you are normally washing combines and trucks.

Purple before her wash.

And after!!

Washing the inside of the shield is my least favorite part of washing a combine.

Washing the inside of the shields is by far the messiest, trickiest part of the whole job.

I take my job seriously.

My tools for the day.

My tools of choice for the job.

She shines up real nice.

She cleans up nice!

The difference between fields that are across the road from each other.

The difference in readiness of two wheat fields across the road from each other.

Grass green still.

Still grass green.

Grandpa Hiladore and Dad fixing the rollers on our header.

Grandpa Hiladore and dad fixing on the rollers on the header.

Grandpa :)

Back in the field!!!

Back in the field!!

Some barley.

Barley is a nice change of scenery.

Little change of scenery from wheat.

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