Is it the end already?

 This year has been one for the books. It was a hard summer considering we had nothing to cut, but it has been a great blessing as well. Since we were stuck at home, we were able to catch up on a lot of things we have put on the back burner. The biggest project was restoring Dad’s antique tractors. Mom has decided, with the help of Dan and I, to have an auction and sell what Dad called his “retirement.” It is going to be hard on all of us to let them go. I kind of hate to see the “ol’ girls” go, as Dad would say.

Emma: End of 2014
Mid-November is the tentative time for the auction. If you would like to, click this link and see what we have to sell. Pictures will be up soon and the website will be updated as we progress toward the sale date.

There are a lot of things I do not like about this time of year. Everything seems to be ending. It is time for Austin to go back to school as well. It has been a good time having him around and we are glad that he was able to come. I know I have used the word “bittersweet”  in pretty much every closing post, but I cannot find a better word to describe it.

Thank you avid followers. It is you who make my job worth it! A big thanks to High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture for making AAWH possible. This year has been very unpredictable. We have leaned on our faith throughout this year’s ups and downs and we will continue to lean on Him to lead us through. I am very hopeful for what the future might bring and look forward to next years wheat harvest!

Until then, please be safe and God bless you and yours!

Emma: AAWH 2014 shirts
(L to R) Austin, Kristy (aka Momma Misener), Me, Dan and the dogs, Heidi and Jesse.

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