Z Crew: A Farewell to Summer Harvest 2014

headshot2Jordan, MT/Louisville, NE: Summer 2014 started a little rocky. Without jobs in Texas or Oklahoma due to drought/frost, no one really knew what the rest of the season would be like. Thankfully, it was better than most expected and some farmers even had the best crops they’ve ever seen. Harvest crews stayed busy for the most part. Mom and Dad had been able to stay in the field without issues until the rain hit Montana a couple days ago and now the last field with only half a day of work is sitting after almost 10 inches of rain.

Mom and Dad are at a standstill for the moment but as soon as the wheat is able to be cut they hope to maybe pick up a little extra work and then make the 900 mile drive home. Fall harvest will be starting around home before we know it. College football season has started and the local apple orchards are getting ready for their fall festivals. I’m excited for my second favorite time of year (summer is always #1) to be underway but I’m even more excited to have my parents home again.

I start my sophomore year of college on Tuesday and look forward to another year of learning. Just yesterday I received my acceptance letter into the University of Nebraska at Omaha so I can transfer there this spring to begin classes towards my elementary education major. I’ve been waitressing at the local cafe but am still searching for a job where I can count on a regular paycheck. It’s no fun growing up but I thank my parents every day for the life skills they taught me, especially during harvest time. Work hard and get the job done. Don’t be afraid to talk to people; make connections for networking. Be personable. Put more money in the bank than you take out. God and family always come first. Good food makes people happy.

From all of us in the Z Crew we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining our summer adventures. You have no idea what your support in agriculture means to us. Have a safe and prosperous fall and we’ll see you in the spring! God bless.

Taylor; Louisville, NE
Jamie, Curt, Eli and Callie; down the block Louisville, NE
Jenna; Boone, IA – Farm Progress Show
Jim and Tracy; Jordan, MT

Z Crew: Washing hands

Dad has used old laundry soap bottles as make-shirt hand washing stations for as long as I can remember. He’s a crafty guy.

Z Crew: Montana
Views like this make eastern Montana my favorite stop. I already miss it.

Z Crew: Grain truck view
Mom snapped this pictures from the back of the grain truck! Quite the view!

Z Crew: Cutting before dark
Cutting before dusk.

Z Crew: Maters
I’ve got lots of tomatoes on my hands! This second batch will be canned later this week.

Z Crew: Late night work
I stay busy chasing around this guy. When he works night shifts and then has a night off his hours are all messed up. Hanging out in the garage at 2am is sometimes the only time I can see him.

Z Crew: Eli James
I took Eli to our local splash park the other day. We had a great time. I can’t wait until his little brother or sister is born and they can join us.

Z Crew: 2014
The Z Crew looks forward to a bountiful fall harvest, a (hopefully) refreshing winter, and we’ll see you again in the spring. Until then, God Bless and stay safe!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. The Z Crew can be reached at zcrew@allaboardharvest.com.


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