All Aboard Harvest | Megan: Another Season in the Books
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Megan: Another Season in the Books

 Although AAWH is wrapping up for another year, the harvest season for the Roland’s is far from over. The crew is currently stuck in North Dakota trying to finish up our final wheat stop. Intermittent rain showers have made this an uphill battle and it looks like the end is still a long ways off. Brandon, Jose, and Eric will leave tomorrow to return to Laramie, Wyo. On Sept. 3rd they will start their senior year of college at the University of Wyoming. All three are majoring in different areas of agriculture, making harvest an important cornerstone for their future. Mom, Dad, and Jake will knock out the rest of our work in North Dakota, then return home to begin planting winter wheat. Fall crops, including sunflowers, millet, and corn, will be ready shortly thereafter. Fall harvest around home can often drag on until November or December, and by then Mom and Dad will be ready for a nice, long break!

This weekend Ashley, Kurt, and I were able to reunite with the family in North Dakota. We had a successful day of cutting with the 3 of us kids operating the 3 combines. Even though Ashley and I are no longer on the road full-time, we are able to hop into the combines, tractors, or trucks and pick up where we left off. Having the opportunity to work side by side with my parents, brother, and sister is an extremely rewarding experience. The radio chatter made the day fly by and it felt like old times again.

An enormous thank you to High Plains Journal and New Holland for their wonderful sponsorship of AAWH 2014! In addition, we would like to offer a special thank you to New Holland’s Harvest Support. They are an a valuable asset to us as custom harvesters and New Holland as a corporation. As always, a heartfelt thank you is also deserved by our faithful customers who keep Roland Harvesting going year after year! And not to get all sappy, but lastly I want to recognize my parents – Alan and Loretta – who have built Roland Harvesting into the successful business that it is today. Our family has embraced all the challenges, triumphs, and hardships that have come our way over the years. Without all their hard work Roland Harvesting wouldn’t have the legacy and pride it has today.

New Holland
Roland Harvesting represents New Holland at its finest.

Cutting at dusk
After a long day in the field there is nothing more peaceful than a gorgeous view like this. 

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Megan can be reached at

  • Frank Johannsen
    Posted at 10:25h, 04 September

    Hi Megan
    I feel I know you as I have been receiving all about wheat harvest since it was started.
    My Dad and I started custom harvesting pre self propelled combines
    In 1944.
    Vernon Texas to the Canadian boarder
    We could remove the header and slide the grain wheel in so it was no wider than the tractor.
    3 days from Angora to Vernon with the tractor.[ daylight to dark]
    That worked till the first Self propelled machines came.
    We built a trailer and pulled it with a truck.
    I knew, probable your grand father.
    I was on the executive board of the Nebraska Wheat Growers Assoc.
    Custom Harvesting could be trying but looking back it was an enjoyable time of life.
    I wish you well at a very busy time of your life.


  • charles durham
    Posted at 21:15h, 04 September

    Just how lucky you are to have a close family an that all of u kids know how to work together well lots of memorys in days ahead to rember
    Thanks for shareing you thoughts

  • charles durham
    Posted at 21:19h, 04 September

    Tell New Holland an farm J for the gifts My grandson wears that yello shirt ever day we have to wash it at night so he has it for school the next day

  • Larry Rusco
    Posted at 11:35h, 05 September

    Thanks you for your wonder pictures and messages. Your dad’s profession really brings your family together, creating many wonderful memories. Will miss your weekly pics and stories. Reminds me of my growing up days in the Kansas wheat fields. Look forward to next year already.