Laura: The delicate dance of harvest plans versus the reality of nature

LH Blog PhotoWhen it comes to harvest work, it isn’t unusual that the best laid plans often get sidelined by the reality of nature. Schedule flexibility is the name of the game (a life skill I have to continue work on). Originally, we thought we’d have made the final move down south by now. However, frequent rains and cool temperatures have delayed wheat maturity. We are so thankful for the rains as many of our farmers, ourselves included, have experienced drought the past several years. We know that when things finally dry out and warm temperatures hit, it’s going to be extra crazy trying to get the crop out, so we need to be ready.

Until then…What’s a harvester to do when given a little extra time waiting for harvest? Tie up loose ends! (Sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping for pictures from a spontaneous trip to Vegas or something!)  The crew has taken advantage of the extra days to better prepare headquarters for the absence of a full-time crew, have continued maintenance and preparation work on equipment, renewed and/or obtained CDL drivers licenses, worked on campers, hauled, washed equipment, set up bank accounts for the overseas crew members, and a host of other jobs. At home we’ve continued to work through the mounds of paperwork that seems to constantly come in and needs attention, and we just completed an H-2A visa audit with the Department of Labor. I’m thankful for the few extra days after the audit to plan for the trip and get our house, yard, and life in line even though I know that I will probably still be up until at least midnight the night before we leave!

5-18-15 Trailer IMG_7022

 IMG_0290 5-17-15 Mark

Even with all the work, the guys have reported there has been some time for a little fun. Some have shared that they have attended a few BBQs, played some pool in town, watched a tornado in the distance from the farm, met some new friends in town, and some tried Mexican food for the first time the other day.

5-20-15 Fajitas 0425152033  IMG_0742

Yes, HPH is buzzing with activity and anticipation is building for what’s to come. Hopefully we’ll be on the road soon. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting many new ones on the road this summer!

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