The time has come

As we sit in anticipation to leave for the 2015 harvest run, here are the Top 7 things we have noticed happen to us when it’s time to hit the road. Why top seven? Because I am hoping lucky number seven will somehow speed up the process. Just roll with me here.

7. Our hearts are in the wheat field and our bodies are stuck where the wheat fields are months away from harvest time.

6. Any shop/mechanical work gets heavily procrastinated. Combine on the brain.

5. We are missing all the folks we see on the harvest trail.

 4. We’ve told all our stories from last summer so we need to go make new memories that, in turn, turn into new stories.

3. Every local establishment we walk into, people ask why we haven’t left yet. What, do you not want us here?! (Just kidding, but it’s funny.)

 2. Similar to being all dressed up with no place to go, we have the camper all packed and ready to go but it remains in the front yard for all to see.

1. We touch base with our first two farmers every day to check on wheat progression, the weather, how the dog is doing, what the neighbor planted this year, what the special is at the café in town that day, etcetera.

We are hoping to leave by the middle of the week so cross your fingers and toes that it happens!

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