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Travel etiquette

Make like wheat and head out. Blow this Popsicle stand. Make like a banana and peel. Pick your favorite key phrase but it all means the same—we gone. Osowski Ag Service has finally hit the road! Day one of our three-day journey to Hobart, Oklahoma, has commenced. We’ve got Mom at the front of the line as our fearless navigator followed by Dad, myself, and then Brandon bringing up the rear. Looks like we’ve got us a convoy.

While we are cruising down the road, there is a certain etiquette that we all tend to follow. Basically, this “etiquette” I speak of is a few simple things we do to keep our little convoy running smoothly and efficiently. They are as follows:

1. When any type of vehicle is passing the rig ahead of you, give them a heads up on the radio. A little warning is nice on these skinny roads.

2. Anytime you stop along the way, do a general once-over of your rig. Tires, chains, oversize load signs, tarp straps and the like could easily loosen up along the way.

3. Watch the rig ahead of you to make sure there is nothing dangling about that shouldn’t be (similar to above, this could be chains, oversize load signs, tarp straps, etc.).

4. I’d be lying if I said driving for 13 hours in one day was thrilling (I love Purple, but let’s be real here). We all make a point to get on the radio and crack a few jokes, check in on each other, and comment on the scenery here and there in order to keep everyone lively.

We still have about a day and a half to go, but it’s all downhill from here! We have been told the wheat will be ready to go when we get there and we are so ready to get in on the action.

See you in the field!

Brandon is ready to head out!

Brandon is ready to head out!

The annual sendoff, from left to right: Brandon, Loree, Steph, Bob, Grandpa Hiladore, Grandpa Bob

The annual send-off crew! From left to right: Brandon, Mom (Loree), Steph, Dad (Bob), Grandpa Hiladore and Grandpa Bob. Photo courtesy of Grandma Polly!

Grandma Polly and I :)

Grandma Polly and I.  🙂

Taking a quick break this afternoon.

Taking a short afternoon break.

In case you didn't know, today (June 5th) is National Doughnut Day! We celebrated with a few little powdered ones.

In case you didn’t know, today (June 5) is National Doughnut Day! We celebrated with a few mini powdered ones.

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