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Road, rain and rest

headshot2Shattuck, Oklahoma—Why does it always feel like we push so hard to get somewhere just to get there and sit and wait? Because that’s what we’re doing. We rushed around and got out of Nebraska on Wednesday and made it to Shattuck Thursday night. And then it started raining. And hasn’t stopped.

We made it as far as Ellsworth, Kansas, on Wednesday, parked the equipment in the New Holland lot, and drove to Great Bend for a motel room. Dad decided it was too hot to sleep in the trucks. Thursday morning as soon as we pulled back into the New Holland lot KanEquip employees surrounded us. After rechecking the equipment and tires we got back on the road. We stopped for a quick lunch and then got back on the road again. Around 4 p.m. we rolled into town, got the camper set up and then the storm clouds starting rolling in. While we waited for the air conditioner to get caught up in the heat, Dad ran out and checked a few fields. They looked poor but as soon as the weather dries up it should be ready to cut.

Callie and I crawled into bed around 10:30 p.m. I’d had my eyes closed for about 30 seconds when Dad poked his head into the back room and said, “There’s hail on the way. We need to take the new pickups and get out of town. We’re just gonna start driving south.” I grabbed by socks and boots and we headed south! We made it as far as Arnett, Oklahoma. With the wind howling and lightning all around us, we parked the pickups under a car wash. An hour passed and the radar showed the storm had moved on so we headed back to town. Shattuck had dry streets. There wasn’t even a drop on the ground. Oh well.

It rained all of Thursday night and through Friday. So far today we haven’t had much of anything but Dad just checked the radar and said, “Well, there’s another blob headed our way.”

So…we’ll sit and wait for the sun. Until then I’ll keep working on my crocheted afghan and watching movies and maybe try to talk Dad into making a day trip to Oklahoma City. I won’t complain about the rain because Lord knows they need it down here, but if it could hold off for a few weeks it’d really help us out. Send prayers and good wishes our way. We need it.

Z Crew: parking for the night
Stopped for the night in Ellsworth, Kansas.

Z Crew: Callie
Callie, service pickup and car trailer.

Z Crew: Mama
Mom, Frank and header.

Z Crew: Dad
Dad, Pete, combine and grain trailer.

Z Crew: Taylor
Taylor, Dodge and camper.

Z Crew: KanEquip visitors
We had a few visitors Thursday morning. I loved hearing how many people follow our summer journey!

Z Crew: father and son
Father and son loading equipment in the New Holland lot.

Z Crew: lunch break
Mullinville, Kansas: Our favorite little lunch spot off the highway.

Z Crew: storm shelter
Storm shelter for the night in Arnett, Oklahoma.

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