Checklist this week: Inspect, repair, get field ready.

Now the inspections are done, now onto the repairs. This year, we did not hire any “outside of the family” help, so our family has been over to help out with the repairs. Now that my sister and her family are back living with us, its nice to have the kids around to watch and learn. They have been helping out by running tools and twisting wrenches. My other sister, Liz, and her two kids, Elizabeth and Leslie, have also been here to help out. They all have made Dan, Mom and my job a bit easier. My Dad used to say, “You are never too young to help out.” And what kind of learning is better than a hands-on experience? This is how we make #AGvocates! These are our future FFA members!

Emma:Inspect,Repair, Field Ready
(Left to right from back) Dan, Lauren, Leslie, Liz, Elizabeth and me.

Emma:Inspect,Repair, Field Ready
Dan and Leslie putting screws in and tightening them.

Emma:Inspect,Repair, Field Ready
Emma:Inspect,Repair, Field Ready
Elizabeth and Lauren were the finger runners, Liz and I put the fingers on, and Dan and Leslie screwed them down.

Be safe and God bless!

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