The Sunflower State

Lyons, Kansas—So long to red dirt, 98.3 Coyote Country and the higher probability of seeing an armadillo. Osowski Ag Service is now residing in the Sunflower State! We left late in the afternoon on Thursday and arrived just past darkness falling at our third stop on the harvest trail—Lyons, Kansas. Instead of Brandon and I going on ahead (recall in my last post I mentioned that being a faint possibility), we all stayed in Helena to finish up and made the move north in one big haul. See, I told you Dad changes his mind a lot.

Our big yellow baby that was getting taken care of at the “combine clinic” is all ready to hit the field again! Agri-Center in Hutchinson, Kansas, is allowing us to continue to use both the donor combine and our big yellow baby to try and make up for lost time. You know what that means? All hands on deck! Mom normally gets to stay back at the trailer during the day and then brings us supper towards evening but she got to call the donor combine home today. That’s my mama, the jack of all trades. She will tell you that being out in the field all day is easier than spending a day at the camper anyway.

Since we have two combines getting after it in the field, it has kept Dad and me on our trucker toes. We have about an 80-mile round trip to the elevator so the only time Dad and I saw each other throughout the day was when we were meeting each other on the road. Farmer Sheldon, you have some gorgeous wheat on your hands. We figure the yield on the first 110 acres will be averaging around 77 bushels. The test weight was 63.8 pounds consistently and the protein was high as well, coming in at 13.4.

Quote(s) of the Day“Where’s your pie?”

“He’s a magician—now you see it, now you don’t!”

Stuff Harvesters Like—High-yielding and tall-standing Kansas wheat.

Lined up and ready to go!

Lined up and ready to head for Lyons, Kansas!

Mason/Dixon line.

Heading into the storm.

Heading right into the rain.

Neverending sky.

Never-ending sky with two combines running!

In the wheat.

Already a full hopper

The familiy that unplugs the header together stays together.

The family that unplugs the header together stays together.

Must photograph the moment

Had to photograph the moment, just had to.

Perfect sky.

Going in the machine like butter.

This wheat goes into the machine like butter!

Combine driver Mom.

Combine driver mom.

All standing, tall and proud.




So beautiful.

Reading while I wait.

Reading on the end while I wait.

Waiting on Purple!

Combines waiting on me and Purple!

Combine at dusk.

Harvest at dusk.

Double trouble.

Double trouble.

Rouding the bend.


Scale ticket from Hutch.

A scale ticket from the elevator in Hutch. Nice stats, huh?

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