All Aboard Harvest | To rain or not to rain?
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To rain or not to rain?

All Aboard Wheat Harvest Laura HaffnerThree Places, USA—Our crew is scattered geographically; however, all locations have a chance of rain in the forecast for tonight (Thursday).  The following is some information I was able to glean from them today.

Pratt—Ryan reports they are trying to dodge rain showers southwest of Pratt. Yields are good, I’m told, but I’m waiting to hear field averages.  The test weights are averaging over 60 pounds per acre. This crew fought some grain cart issues today. It didn’t sound like my idea of fun when I learned they had to be down inside working on the grain cart on such a hot day! 

Ryan captured this photo this evening of the crew dodging rain showers southwest of Pratt, Kansas.

Perryton, Texas—When I texted with Mark this evening, he said they are trying to get as much out as possible before the rains hit. They are seeing yields in the 20s and 30s. Test weights are in the 50s. He said this area wasn’t immune to some of the rust issues that were going around this year.

Mark sent in this photo from near Perryton, Texas. 

Loretta, Kansas—I caught up with the crew of Albert, Harold, and Austin earlier in the day when I delivered their meals. They have seen numbers on the monitor ranging from the 20s up to 60 bushels per acre. Test weights have been up to 64 pounds.


Albert sent me this photo of the trucks at his location on Wednesday evening.

Below are some more photos the crew members have sent in.


Here are a couple more action shots that Mark sent in from Perryton.


Jaap Steyl, crew member, is trying to make us hungry with his photo from a BBQ back in what appears to be our Burk days.


Another shot from Jaap of some late-night action.


Crew member Dalton Crumley showed a little artistic flair with his use of filters and camera angles. 

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  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 21:13h, 29 June

    Three places USA,Is there a zip code for that location?? When will you have all the combines in the same place? Are you having any smokey skies in OK. We have over 120 forest fires in Alberta it is so dry up here, that the weather patterns are pushing this smoke to OK. & Ark. areas , go figger mother nature EH. Keep the headers in the wheat !!!

  • Laura Haffner
    Posted at 15:21h, 02 July

    I wonder if there is a “Three Places”, Tom! I was just being goofy since we had machines scattered all over! The crew is back in the same “region” in Kansas now. Sorry to hear about the fires. I haven’t noticed excessive haze here.