Field call

This last week has been a very busy one. We are harvesting nonstop. Many surrounding farmers are combining their own acres as well. We have finished our first stop south of Elk City and are on the next, west of Elk City. Sometimes, as we all know, the combine breaks down and is in need of repairs. That’s where we come in. Not only are we busy chompin’ at the bit, but service calls are all part of what we do.
This farmer has a John Deere 7720 TITAN combine. He was combining along then suddenly it just quit! He called us up and 45 miles later, we were there to see what the problem was. Well, it turns out that he had never combined a wheat crop so thick in the bottoms that he had plugged the combine from front to back. He could not figure out the problem and was at his wit’s end. About an hour and a half of pulling out straw and chaff by hand and turning the machine over, it was finally free. The farmer was awfully glad it turned out to be just plugged. It was an experience! We blew everyone off with the air compressor and got back to work.

Emma: Harvest Time!

Emma: Harvest Time!This is toward the end of the unplugging. Leslie was in there a lot of the time throwing out chaff. It was a nasty, dirty job.

Emma: Harvest Time!My sister, Liz, was also part of the action!

Be safe and God bless!

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