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If you want to know who we are, it’s all in our name: Misener FAMILY Harvesters. We are based on family, we work with family, we live with family, we cry with family, we laugh and have fun with family, we get stuff done with family. So when there is work to be done, the whole family joins in. Conversely, when there’s fun to be had, the whole family joins in.
Recently my posts have been about repairs in the shop, and the kids were a big part of that process. So when it is time to harvest and have fun, the kids are right there with us enjoying the ride! If you do the work when the work needs to be done, you can enjoy the privileges and the fruits of your labor!

I can remember as a kid how awesome it was to get to go along. I would bring my paper and crayons along with me (not that I would use them much!) and just watch the wheat go in. I was recently reminded of how a child’s’ mind works and how I remember thinking those exact same things as they do. My nieces Lauren and Elizabeth were staring into the head. It had been long enough that I knew the wheels were turning! Whispers commenced and then finally the question, “Where does it come from?” Confused by the question, I took a moment to think it through. I finally realized and laughed hysterically! As you know, the auger (spinning cylinder with diagonal welded flighting) spins very fast and brings the crop to the center of the machine where it forces it to go nowhere but into the feeder house. When it spins it really does look like the auger appears out of thin air from the side of the head. Hence, their question: Where does it come from? A quick lesson and stopping and starting of the head, I think they could finally grasp just what it was that made it look like that!

I am constantly reminded in separate instances how simple and happy children are and it makes me smile wide! Another example: Martha was riding with me in the combine, going to the next field, driving on the road. She busted out laughing, looking at me saying, “Go faster!” I had gone over a few bumps and it slightly threw her up and down—it was rather bumpy. It had dug up a memory of when I was about her age, riding with Dad. Same scenario. These are the memories I cherish. I am proud to be passing it on! It really is the little things in life that make it special. Who cares how big your house is or what you drive or what your occupation is? As long as you have the eyes to see the little, delightful pleasures in life, you’ve got the the whole world.

Emma: Harvest Time!
Emma: Harvest Time!
Emma: Harvest Time!
Emma: Harvest Time!
Emma: Harvest Time!
Emma: Harvest Time!

Be safe and God bless!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Emma can be reached at

  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 20:23h, 08 July

    It is sure nice that you can involve your nieces in your operation,I’am always teaching our grandkids about farming even thou I’ve been out of it for 20 years it is in ones blood forever. Work Safe

    • Emma Misener
      Posted at 00:14h, 06 August

      If we don’t teach our youth when they’re willing to listen, there no hope later when they’re not! Haha! I really do love having them around. So eager to learn by listening and hands -on.

  • lenwood holo
    Posted at 10:28h, 12 July

    Hi Emma I like your coments they are great. Work hard have fun and have a safe harvest trip. Say hello to all from me. LEN

    • Emma Misener
      Posted at 00:16h, 06 August

      Lenwood is been a while! I will definitely tell everyone hi 🙂 I hope you are well and that your ‘ol Massey is runnin’ smooth! God bless