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A word of thanks

All Aboard Wheat Harvest Laura HaffnerI admit it. I enjoyed my two-ish weeks at home (really, family, friends, and a fully equipped, full sized kitchen for harvest meals—what more could you want?). If you would have asked me just a few days ago, I probably would have said I wasn’t quite ready to hit the harvest trail again as we were just getting into a routine of normalcy; whatever that means when you’re a harvest family. By the time we left though, I was ready.

As it worked out, I ended up getting to stay home a few extra, unexpected days, but it wasn’t for a fun reason. Little Man did battle with a nasty summer bug complete with a fever for around four days. Those of you who have been around children know it’s no small thing for a toddler to be down and out that long. Poor little guy! Little Man and I drove into Fort Morgan late Wednesday night.

Once on the road, I could feel some of the worries, stresses, and sleepless nights melt away. There’s something about windshield time in extreme western Kansas that soothes my soul. I know some would disagree, but I think the “barrenness” of the High Plains is relaxing, beautiful, and peaceful. Maybe it’s all that open space that allows one the freedom to clear the mind? Whatever it is, I had time and space for many ponderings and I’ll share one with you.

When I started this journey with All Aboard, I was excited and nervous to have an opportunity to write and share our story of harvest with you. However, as it turns out I have been on the receiving end of lots of sharing. I had no idea the response that writing about our sector of agriculture would receive. I’ve received public responses to my posts that are so encouraging, relay fond memories, or have asked insightful questions. I’ve received emails or Facebook messages that have invited us to a town festival, allowed reconnection with old friends, and chronicled adventures of harvests gone by. Some messages get very personal and encourage us through stories of struggles, hardships, and successes on the road as well as photos of others’ lives. I have been touched at the time people take to respond and share.

Please know that even if it takes a little bit for me to respond back, I have appreciated those notes and feel blessed to have been given a glimpse into your unique life stories! Although we may not know each other personally, those of us in agriculture really do share a bond!

Last night as I sat here, typed and listened to the rain tap the camper roof, and the frogs sing their song from the neighboring corn field and irrigation ditch, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of comfort. What a great opportunity harvest is to experience so many things that may be outside one’s comfort zone. Thanks for making the journey sweeter with the stories you’ve shared this summer!

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