Washing with power

After each job, we clean up the machines with an air compressor and leaf blower, then take it to its next station to be washed. Liz and I were the lucky ones to have washed this time. It really is an icky job. There is no possible way to keep clean. What do you expect when working with power? Washing sure sounds like an easy job, but you really have to wash the machine twice. First time around, you wash all of the nooks and crannies, including the grain tank and engine compartment. Then the second time around, you wash the outside, scrubbing your way around. By the end of the job, your arms feel like jelly and your joints and muscles want to give out. Washing the big, green machines is hard work! Thankfully it is a cool job in this Oklahoma heat.

Emma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & Cleaning

Be safe and God bless!

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