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Harvest 2015 wrap-up

Manley, Nebraska/Limon, Colorado—The Z Crew’s harvest journey has come to an end. From Oklahoma to Colorado we stayed busy, had minimal problems, and “no one died.” Dad’s always good at looking at the practical side of things.

After we finished the last field on Saturday, the crew decided to make quick trip to the Rocky Mountains. We threw some clothes in a bag and stuffed in the pickup and made it to Colorado Springs by late Monday. The weather was perfect. We spent the days by the stream, slept in a tent and cooked over the open fire. It was awesome.

Callie and I left Mom and Dad in Colorado and made the trip back to eastern Nebraska on Thursday. She starts her senior year on Aug. 18 and I’ll start up my classes in September. Mom and Dad will remain in Colorado through the end of September for the prozo/millet harvest. I think I’ll have to make another trip out in a few weeks and see that for myself!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking interest and following along on my family’s harvest run. We love what we do and I’m blessed to be able to share my experiences with you. In a world of people afraid of GMOs and gluten and almost anything related to agriculture, it’s so important for everyone to know our story and who we are and what we do. I pray everyone has a blessed end to summer harvest, bountiful fall crop and a relaxing winter. And maybe you’ll be hearing from me again this spring. 🙂

Z Crew: the whole fam

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