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Plus one

Grafton, ND — Mom calls me the other day and says, “I had the first person ask me.” She did not even have to clarify and I knew what she was referring to. In April, a couple weeks ahead of schedule, someone asked mom why she was not gone on harvest yet. Trust us people, we are just as anxious to hit the road! This winter has been a slow one and the harvest trail is calling our names louder and clearer by the day. This harvest, Osowski Ag Service has a few surprises for all of you! I have always said that I never have a shortage of things to write about day-to-day but our surprises are certain to add a few plot twists.

For surprise number one, we will be bringing two combines down instead of one. Those of you that are quick on the draw with the chain reaction of adding another piece of equipment to the Osowski Ag lineup will easily be able to guess surprise number two – a new crew member! We will be a party of five this summer. You will have the chance to meet and get to know our new crew-member, Peter, throughout the harvest season. For a small introduction, Peter is from South Africa and this will be his second year in America working for a harvest crew. His accent and short boots will be a constant dinner table topic, I can promise you that much.

For an Osowski family update, Brandon will be graduating high school on May 29th. He has applied for a couple different secondary education programs – agriculturally inclined, of course – but has not decided which one he will attend yet. Mom continued her work of painting/wallpapering with her friend, Carol, and Dad kept busy with the farm. I myself kept busy babysitting, helping out at a local daycare and trucking. I also spent the month of January in South Africa amongst all the winter festivities.

The hurricane-force winds we have been experiencing the last couple weeks may force some farmers in the area to replant but hopefully, we will be able to finish up within the week. Not uncommon to spring in North Dakota, we have had temperatures go from 35 degrees to 75 degrees in a matter of 24 hours. Between finishing up planting, planning Brandon’s graduation party, introducing a South African to the Osowski Ag ways and preparing the equipment for takeoff, the spring season will continue to be a whirlwind until the morning of harvest departure.

We look forward to once again sharing our harvest tales with you for the 2016 season!


A few flashback photos from the 2015 harvest.

Flashback to Kansas.


Flashback to Oklahoma.


"Lion King" trees in the South African countryside.

“Lion King” trees in the South African countryside.


Monkeys — as common as deer in South Africa.

Peter and Steph.

Steph and Peter on the coast of Margate, SA.

Beaches down in Margate, SA.


Steph and Brandon at Brandon's last home hockey game.

Steph and Brandon at Brandon’s last home hockey game.

Osowski family

Family photo!


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