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My First Trick

Hobart, Okla. – Osowski Ag Service is proud to announce that we have made it to our first stop safe and sound. Hobart, Okla. will be where we call home for the next week or so. According to Farmer Mike, we won’t be able to inch our headers into the field till Monday or maybe even Tuesday. Yesterday was filled with putting our duals back on the combine, running through headers for any last minute tune-ups, and working on our tans. The North Dakota sun has been very stage fright this spring.

Remember when I told you in my last post that I had a few tricks up my sleeve? Well, there is one that I feel deserves a proper introduction and have decided that now is the time!

Did you know that a single bushel of wheat produces enough flour to make 42 one-and-a-half-pound loaves of bread? A single BUSHEL! I was surprised myself at that statistic so I know some of you are thinking the same thing. This harvest season, Osowski Ag Service is going to keep a running count of how many “loaves” of bread we produce in a season by adding up the bushels we harvest/haul each day during our summer wheat harvest. I don’t know about you, but I am very curious to see the grand total come August.

Bread Count – 0

Quote of the Day“We are like the Power Rangers of harvest.”

The best bbq place we have ever been to! Check it out, located in Ingersoll, Okla.

If you are ever near Ingersoll, Okla., check out this awesome bbq joint! The best one we have found throughout our harvest years. We made sure to stop in on the trip down.

Jacking up the combine.

Jacking up the combine.

Boys and their toys.

Brandon and lights...

See? What did I tell you about Brandon and his lights…

I can see myself driving a NH combine.

I can see myself in a NH.

Peter's first time seeing and armadillo!

Peter saw his first armadillo today!

A new perspective.


Dad and Peter checking out the header.

Dad and Peter checking out the header.

We got told today that we look wore out. What do you think?

While at Wal-Mart today, we got told by a few different people that we look wore out. What do you think?


A lovely sunset to welcome us to Hobart.

A lovely sunset to welcome us to Hobart.

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