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The Happenings of Roland Harvesting

Hemingford, Nebraska/Gould, Oklahoma – Although I might be a little slow updating the rest of the world, Roland Harvesting is spot on for this time of year. And truthfully, in the world of harvest that’s all that really matters! The crew has already jumped into the swing of things as they unloaded the combines in Oklahoma over a week ago. Their headers have been in the wheat every possible chance between the pouring rains.

For those of you curious about my late arrival to All Aboard Wheat Harvest this season… all I can say is, “Better late than never!“ In the past year, I’ve become significantly more involved in my work as a Labor & Delivery Nurse. With my new work commitments it is going to be difficult for me to track down the harvest trail this summer. I’m bummed out about not being as involved with the harvest operation as I have been, but I know my family will keep me in the loop. With that being said, I am happy to report that I am returning to AAWH as a “guest blogger” and will do my best to update you on Roland Harvesting’s adventures.

After weeks of preparation the crew finally loaded up and hit the road on May 26th. The journey south held the usual complications: multiple detours due to road construction. On May 28th, they arrived in Gould, Oklahoma and successfully cut for a few hours until the rain hit. The following days consisted of sampling, waiting for the wheat to dry down, cutting a couple hours, and eventually shutting down when the rain started up again. With the uncooperative weather, Dad stayed back in Nebraska with Mom to finish spraying the crops and square away things at the farm.

During the first few days of cutting one of the combines broke a belt and we encountered the beginning of a huge headache. Brandon ran to our local implement dealer and was shocked to see their doors closed after many years of business. Since there is currently no support available on the road, he was forced to send a crew member in a semi to Goodland, Kansas to pick up the desperately needed parts. Let’s hope this isn’t an indication of what the rest of the summer will hold!

To our luck the sunshine finally broke through and our harvest operation was able to fully commence a few days ago. This past weekend Dad hauled the camper to our next stop near Carmen, Oklahoma. He also moved one combine up to Carmen to begin cutting since the wheat is ready there, too!

Roland family at Brandon's graduation

This winter held a few noteworthy moments for the Roland family. In December 2015, Brandon graduated from the University of Wyoming with his Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Communications. Brandon is quite the talker so this degree was naturally right up his alley! Above: Dad, Ashley, Brandon, Mom and Megan celebrate this momentous event!

Kassidy Hope

Just a short month later, on January 18th, Roland Harvesting welcomed it’s newest member to the family, Miss Kassidy Hope! I might be a little bias but I think I have the most adorable niece!

Equipment in the yard

I was able to make a trip back home to Nebraska in the middle of May. This sight welcomed me as I drove into the farm yard.

Wheat in Hemingford, Neb during May

Here’s what western Nebraska wheat was looking like about 3 weeks ago.

Working on the service truck

Dad and Brandon provide some maintenance work on the service truck.

Service truck projects

The service truck received some much needed TLC before hitting the road this year. It was cleaned out, reorganized, and even spruced up with a fresh coat of paint. Dad carries the most common belts we need on harvest but even with this supply we rely on harvest support and dealerships along the way.

Brandon directing the combine

Brandon relays directions to a crew member watching on the other side of the trailer while the combine is being loaded.

Loading up

Dad loads the first of the three CR’s.

2016 crew

Roland Harvesting’s annual crew photo. This year’s crew includes: Justin S., Justin, Brandon, Dad and Hank. (Tiny is not pictured)

Mom and Dad

It’s hard to believe that Mom and Dad have been running our harvesting operation for almost 40 years!

Fuel stop

The convoy fuels up in Alliance, Nebraska before heading south.

Adding red flags

Red flags are always a must for the oversize loads we haul.Convoy ready to goAnd they’re off!


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