The Week in Review

Burkburnett, TX– What’s a harvest crew to do in the rain and wet weather? Last week they found out. The guys were on shortened hours for obvious reasons since we weren’t out in the field. They did odds and ends maintenance on the equipment to make sure we could be as efficient as possible once we finally got back in the field. In their off time, I hear they worked on their golf game, cooked out, and someone even signed up for a body/foot massage. I’m rather envious of the last one, but know it was well deserved with all the bumping around in the field that goes on!

Ryan and the crew had visits from harvest support crews as well as our tracks dealer. When Ryan wasn’t out with the crew, he was at home catching up on paper work and fielding phone calls. One positive of the weather was getting to have him around at a decent hour in the evenings because that is a rare occurrence during the harvest run.


The show must go on even in rainy weather. Ryan taking phone calls and completing paperwork in his mobile office.



Steve and Travis came out to make adjustments on the four-wheel drive.


Brett and Josh tweaking the a header.

HPH Track Installation

Don, the tracks dealer, guiding the tracks onto the number four combine with Kirby and Shane ready to assist.

As for me, it was pretty much business as usual minus field meals. We had to get a little creative figuring out things to do for Little Man when it was raining since playing outside wasn’t always an option. A highlight was visiting the farmer’s market in downtown Wichita Falls. If I could bottle up the smell and taste of the fresh Texas peaches I would! What a treat!


Learning about transactions at the farmer’s market! This kid loved looking at all the yummy fresh food options.

This week the weather has finally cleared out. The guys are more than making up for last week’s slim hours. We had all five combines running in the Burkburnett, TX area Sunday and part of Monday. We are now split with Mark and half of the crew cutting up in Clinton, Oklahoma. He reported last night, “We have the wind at our backs with dry wheat and favorable conditions. Laid over wheat is suspected for slightly low test weights making for average yields.”

HPH-(Photo credit: Willem)

Willem grabbed this nice shot of number three while waiting to unload in the Burkburnett area.

HPH-Clinton, Oklahoma (photo credit - Henry G.)

Nothing beats a pretty sunset! A photo from Henry, in Clinton, Oklahoma.

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