An Update from Clinton

Clinton, Oklahoma– Mark is very positive about the progress the crew is making in Clinton. The fields are fairly close together and the haul to the elevator isn’t too long, so we’re fortunate that this is a very efficient job, especially after being delayed in the previous week’s rains. If everything goes well, they should wrap up in the next few days and will head to Kansas.

Mark has been running a two combine crew, but will be receiving reinforcement today with the arrival of a third machine. The machines with tracks were working the best in Texas, so it did not make sense to keep a third wheeled combine down there hunting and pecking for dry ground. Mark is running the machines just a little slower than he would like in effort to pick up wheat that’s laying down from the weather. A third machine will really help them out in that department.

Mark reports that the wheat crop is looking nice there. It’s an average crop, yield wise, and they’re seeing yields between 50-60 bushels/acre. He feels that it may have been more in the 70s if the weather wouldn’t have laid it over as it was finishing maturing.

When I’m not on location, I’m leaning on my crew again this year for their information and photographs. It is there story too! Below are some shots they sent me from Clinton.

HPH-Clinton, Oklahoma (photo credit - Henry G.)

These fields look nice and clean in terms of weed control! (Photo Credit: Henry G.)

HPH-Clinton, Oklahoma (photo credit - Henry G.)

Team work! (Photo Credit: Henry G.)

HPH-Clinton, Oklahoma (Photo Credit: Shaun)

This photo shows how the wheat is laying down in the particular field. (Photo Credit: Shaun)

HPH Clinton, OK - Albert

Unloading. (Photo Credit: Albert)

HPH-Clinton (photo credit: Charel)

Night backdrop with the setting sun and contrails! (Photo credit: Charel)

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