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Burkburnett, TX – I don’t spend a lot of time watching late night TV, or TV in general, but every once in awhile will catch the beginning of one of the late night talk shows after the local evening news as I’m finishing picking up. If you have ever watched The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, you know that he sometimes does a segment where he pretends to pen thank you notes to various topics. The few times I’ve seen this particular skit, I found it to be quite humorous with some of the obscure things he comes up with.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs the last few days. I could probably write a book on the happenings of the crew, but I fear it would just sound like more of the same old thing. So, I thought I’d change it up. Perhaps something along these lines is what Jimmy Fallon may say if he were writing his thank you notes about our harvest crew. Please bare with the frustrated sarcasm at the beginning, it does get more positive!

Thank you, service truck, for deciding now was a great time to need a costly repair and spend a few days lounging in the service shop.

Thank you, combine, for proudly displaying your auger in the out position, like the days of yesteryear, before pulling yourself together, figuratively and literally. (Thanks Harvest Support for getting that sorted out!)

Thank you, impromptu freak thunderstorm, that popped up when rain chances were only 30%; and the others that followed suit delaying Texas harvest yet again.

Thank you, wet and humid conditions, that are starting to create fear of head sprout and ruined wheat.

Thank you, other impromptu thunderstorm that arrived in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and hit the camper at just the right angle, sounding like we were in the car wash, waking us up, and allowing us more even time to contemplate the wet conditions.

Thank you, mosquitoes, because some other insect needed to step up and share the title of “Most Annoying Summer Insect” with wasps and biting flies.

Thank you, crew members, for sending me kind, appreciative texts regarding the field meals though I know they probably aren’t in the pristine condition in which I packaged them after a long drive to the field.

Thank you, combine tracks, for allowing the combines to go in places that a person wouldn’t dare take a four wheeler.

Thank you, Burkburnett United Supermarket, for your tiny shopping carts that amuse young harvest children who make more trips to the store than should be allowed by law.

Thank you, severe weather, that you weren’t quite severe enough for my family to have to take shelter in the above ground shower house in the land of no basements (the soil in parts of Texas prohibit the construction of basements).

Thank you, weather in Oklahoma, for cooperating for the crew and allowing them to complete the job and move to Kansas in a timely fashion.

Thank you, woman at Wal-Mart, who blessed me by voluntarily buying the bag of ice (and refusing reimbursement) I forgot to pick up so I didn’t have to reenter the long checkout line with a worn out, crying Lady A.

Thank you, crew members, for your continued positive attitude, despite the roller coaster ride that Texas harvest has been.

Thank you, farmers, local elevators, our RV park staff, and local people for being helpful, making us feel welcome, and almost like locals ourselves during our extended stay.

Thank you, questionably timed rain, that I was just complaining about, but also afforded my family a much needed evening together after seeing each other only about 10-15 minutes a day on average when we were able to cut.

Thank you, harvest, for providing my family and crew this unique opportunity to work together and travel across the heart of America.

More Rain - HPH

SURPRISE and happy Monday from this unexpected storm!


Yep, its still a bit soggy!

HPH - Chocolate harvest??? That's what I'm talking about!!!

Chocolate harvest??? That’s what I’m talking about!

HPH - Buddy Bubble Time

Buddy bubble time! Thankful we got to see one of my old childhood friends and her family who now live in the area. Good laughs and making memories were good for the soul. Little Man and Lady A were glad to have some other young people around!

HPH - S'mores with dad!

S’mores with dad brought to you by, a rain day. Kebab sticks weren’t ideal but they did the job!

HPH - Charel and Henry doing some repair work. (From Mark)

Charel and Henry doing some truck repairs on a rainy morning in the Kiowa, Kansas, area. (Photo Credit: Mark)

HPH Texas - (photo credit-Willem)

Cutting in the Electra, Texas, area. (Photo credit: Willem)

HPH - Quick Lunch break

Quick lunch break.

HPH - Servicing

Servicing to ensure we’re completely ready to roll when we can get back in the field! (Photo credit: Ryan)

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