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Refill the Glass

Lyons, Kan. – I want to start this off with a protein reading of 13. I have many friends from home as well as some readers that have inquired about this specific reading so I was excited to see it was included on my scale ticket this afternoon. The suspense can end!

We are about to wrap up but this area is not quite ready to let us go. We moved to our last field today and just as we were getting a good rhythm going, the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. The elevator was closed so we were going to have to quit for the night anyway so let’s hope it doesn’t rain enough to shut us down for too long. The yields are between 50 and 60 bushels with test weights consistent around 60 pounds. The lines at the elevator got a bit outrageous today. This part of harvest has a tendency to do that because elevators are getting full or the pits decide to fall apart in order to give themselves a break from the harvest chaos.

Something you may not know about South Africans is that they love to barbecue. Conveniently, I love to eat barbecued food so this works out very well for me. Peter can grill anything and it’s spectacular. The only catch is you can’t really ask for a specific sauce he uses ever again because the recipe he follows is “dump whatever into a bowl and see how it turns out.”

Bread Count – 1,823,378.47 loaves

Quote of the Day“Glass half full or glass half empty, the glass can always be refilled.”

Grilling steaks.

Grilling steaks, South African style.

Filling up Dad's plate.

Mom filling up Dad’s plate.


In the words of Brandon, “I’ve been waiting for this steak all year!”

Grilling is a bonding experience.

As if being on harvest together is not enough of a bonding experience, we grill together too!

The line at the elevator in Hutchinson, Kan.

The line at the elevator in Hutchinson, Kan.

An AAWH follower was parked behind Steph at the elevator today!

An AAWH follower was parked behind me and Purple at the elevator today and shared this photo to our facebook page. Next time, come say “hi”!

Riding out to the field, having no fun at all. :)

Riding out to the field, having no fun at all.

Mom jumping into the Gleaner with Dad for a ride.

Mom jumping into the demo combine with Dad for a ride.

Nice sample!

Nice sample!

Oh Purple.

The Gleaner with the trucks.

The combine with the trucks.

Gleaner and NH.

The combines making the rounds.


Storm clouds rolling in.

Storm clouds rolling in.

One last dump of the night.

One last dump of the night.

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