All Aboard Harvest | Wheat near Burns Flat, Oklahoma
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Wheat near Burns Flat, Oklahoma

Burns Flat, Ok — Wow! What a busy two weeks we have had here at MFH! A couple weeks ago we started harvest near Burns Flat. The wheat we started on this year has been the best wheat we have seen in seven years! The rain has hit this area at just the right times. The weather combined with the good Lord has made an excellent wheat crop. It averaged 50 bushels per acre, 10.5 percent moisture, and the test weight averaged 60 pounds. As i mentioned in a previous post, we have had very late nights and early mornings. It sometimes can feel like we are so burnt out that we cannot continue on, but we somehow gather the strength needed to get the job done. This is our income. This is the farmer’s income. We cannot jeopardize something so important just because we were too tired. We do what needs to be done because well, it needs to be done! 
Thank you, Lord, for giving us the many blessings You have. Even though we get tired and feel like we cannot continue, we thank You for giving us the work to take care of us. 
Here’s a few pictures of our five days of cutting near Burns Flat.

Emma:elk city and beyond

Emma:elk city and beyond

Emma: riding fun

Emma:elk city and beyond

Sometimes the hum can put you right to sleep! Elizabeth took a bit of a cat nap!

Emma:elk city and beyond

This is what lunch break looks like most days! One hand on the hydro-stat, the other on the wheel with lunch in hand!

Be safe and God bless!

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  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 17:38h, 27 June

    Great to hear the you are into a super wheat crop !!