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Outstanding Wheat

Sentinel, Ok — Our second stop on the harvest trail! This year we lost our first job due to unforeseen circumstances. It is never an easy thing to loose a job, no matter how big or small. So thankfully God took care of us. We put up a few business cards in local elevators and wouldn’t you know, two farmers called looking for a harvester to cut their crop. Our first job near Burns Flat was one of these farmers. We decided that it was a good fit for us and we were able to get there. The farmer was good to work with and we got the job done in a timely fashion. I think we will be returning in the future, thank the Lord! When we and the farmer have a mutual commitment, we can depend on each other and trust that the other will be there. We prefer these types of jobs so that we know for sure where we are going to be and try to plan accordingly.

After we finished up on our first stop, we moved onto our second NEW customer. These two jobs combined, replaced what we had lost and actually gained us a few more. It just goes to show that we do not know God’s plan, but if we have faith, He will carry us through. 

The wheat near Sentinel averaged 57 bushels per acre, 11 percent moisture, and 60 pound test weight. Outstanding! Even better than the first stop! We could not be happier, nor could our farmer. We finished up near Sentinel the 18th of June, and it immediately rained that night. We got the crop out before the rain! We are thankful. The next day was Sunday and we had a much needed day off. We went to mass at our local parish at St. Matthews Catholic Church. We were welcomed with questions of harvest like every Sunday. Even if you’re not in agriculture, people are interested in it. We all eat don’t we? I don’t understand the fascination people have with our way of life, but I am glad that I can be an important stepping stone in such an important job.

Emma:elk city and beyond

Leslie being is usual happy self!

Emma: riding fun

Evie and Dan, all smiles!

Emma: riding fun


Emma:elk city and beyond

Emma:elk city and beyond

Just before the rain, and we finished that night!

Emma:elk city and beyond

This was on the way home one night. The moon was so big and bright!

Be safe and God bless!

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