Western Producers Co-op in Sentinel, Oklahoma

Sentinel, OK — What a blessing to have good people to work with! As harvesters, we work with people all the time: each other, the farmer, the coop, the elevators and yes even the state troopers. There is no feeling better than when everyone and everything works in sync. You feel so accomplished and you are accomplished! So when you have an outstanding group of people to work with, you have to shout it out! That is exactly what this post is about. We had the great privilege to work with Western Producers Elevator in Sentinel, OK. One example: the day before we stared cutting, we stopped for a visit to the office. It was closed, but the man inside opened anyway hoping to answer any questions if he could. The manager said they were full but that they were hoping to take grain the next morning. We arrived the next morning to find it operational and taking wheat as fast as they could. We never stopped hauling that day. They took care of business!
When Dan brought in a load of wheat there one day, he went inside to find everyone standing around the counter. He thought, ‘what is all this?’ He found that all of these people standing in this tight nit group, are AVID All Aboard Wheat Harvest followers! Every time High Plains Journal magazine gets delivered, it is immediately opened up the colored section and is left to display for everyone to see as customers and farmers come to do their business for the day and week. It was apparent that they knew Dan and he was welcomed with warm faces and swarmed with questions of harvest. It isn’t just Dan who gets called by name. Everyone who comes into this Coop is treated like a close friend and is always on first name basis. Even the tickets issued say a name, not simply ‘green truck’ for example. They are excellent at unloading in a timely fashion, and always have enough help around so that the trucker who’s keeping the road hot between the elevator and the field doesn’t have to spend his time getting in and out of the truck. This makes the turn around time back to the field a speedy process. One that we the harvester, the farmer and the elevator are benefiting from. A simple win, win, win situation! As far as MFH is concerned, Western Producers is unmatched in customer service. So here’s a shout out to you and your crew! Thank you for making our job easier. Thank you for doing your part in helping feed the world!

Be safe and God bless!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com.


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