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The Cue List

St. Francis, Kan. – A non-harvest person would say working a 15-hour day must mean you got an extra large amount of work done. Lately, that is not so much the case. The straw is thick and the heads of wheat are plump full of grain so the amount of acres we can normally get cut in a day with our two machines is substantially lower.

The thing is that we work in acres, not hours. Harvest is that way; you put in the long hours to make that one more round or to fill that last truck before the elevator closes for the night. The stats we have to show for it are worth it. Our yields are still up in the 80-90 bushel range with test weights between 58 and 62 pounds.

We get to cut a field for Farmer Randy that we have never cut before since we started cutting here back in 2009. Basically, you get there by going down some dips and around some curves until you get to the middle of nowhere and then you will come across a wheat field. Cut that field. This last field for Farmer Randy has, however, put us right where we need to be because Farmer Spencer is next on the cue list and we are now right across the road from those fields. Glass half full! Also, fun fact, Farmer Spencer butt-dialed me today and left me a 3-minute long voicemail of tractor and generic phone-in-pocket noises.

Bread Count – 3,708,176.64 loaves

Quote of the Day“It doesn’t cost any money to be clean.”

Checking trucks over.

Checking trucks over.

Fierce clouds.

Windmill love.

Weird looking clouds.

Some weird looking clouds showed up.

Dad and Uncle Steve conversing.

Dad and Uncle Steve of Russell Harvesting conversing.

Friendly neighborhood truck drivers.

Steph and Peter, your friendly neighborhood truck drivers.

Meet Brady.

Meet Brady, a member of Russell Harvesting.

Truck passenger selfie!

Truck passenger selfie!

Ready to switch fields.

A sweet surprise.

A sweet surprise!

Dad and Mitch, figuring something out.

Dad and Farmer Mitch, figuring something out.


Peter's first time eating a small powdered donut.

Peter’s first time eating a small powdered donut.

Purple and a rainbow.

Purple and a rainbow.

Dusk cutting.

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