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Cupcakes and Combines

St. Francis, Kan. – To start, I need to tell you all something very exciting that I did. I ordered a T-shirt that says “St. Francis, Kansas” on it with a barn and a windmill—basically all of my favorite things on a shirt. Well, Mom ordered it for me under my instruction while I was driving truck. Super excited.

These last couple weeks, Peter and I have created this game we like to play. It’s very similar to musical chairs except it involves energy drinks. Each day we ask ourselves, What color/brand/flavor do we want to try today?” We try to pick a new one each time and we each try it to see if it will make a repeat performance in our bellies or not.

The crop around here continues to be fantastic, which means our days are long and our nights are short. This time of season, we all just know what vices we need to get us through the day. The two elevators in St. Francis are taking turns getting filled up so the lines and waits are long. It’s rough for progress but it’s a nice change-up for us truck drivers because we now have to freedom to jump out of our trucks and socialize with one another a bit. I have witnessed many meetings of the minds the last couple days, so if you have a problem that needs to be solved, shoot it my way and I’ll have a solution for you within a load or so.

Bread Count – 4,904,224.5 loaves

Quote of the Day“Maximum effort!”

Windmill love.

Windmill love.

Making a few rounds!

Got to make a few rounds in the combine to experience for myself how great this wheat goes through the machine.

Christmas in July.

St. Francis has an event where they have a few decorations strewn around town, calling it “Christmas in July.” Here is the decor that the Equity had for the truckers’ viewing pleasure.

Next to dump at the Equity.

Me and Blue, next in line to dump at the Equity.



Pistachio cupcakes.

Mom’s pistachio cupcakes. They always taste like more.

Sunrise on the Equity.

Another day in the books!


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  • Rita Bennett
    Posted at 08:03h, 12 July

    That has to be a favorite windmill pic…frame worthy!

    • Steph Osowski
      Posted at 23:30h, 19 July

      Thank you, Rita! 🙂

  • Dan McGrew, now of North Carolina
    Posted at 11:09h, 12 July

    Fifty eight years since I visited St. Francis weekly on my 18 county news beat in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. Wonder if the “bottle club” still exists a couple of blocks from the court house??
    I believe I visited every county seat bottle club where the county seat was big enough to support one. Otherwise, a filing cabinet or ?? in some elected officials office served after hours.
    Simple fact, the people of the High Plains are the best.
    They have to be, living where you can stand in mud up to your knees and have dust blow into your eyes.