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A “Do-Over”

Sharon Springs, Kan. — Friday, the kids and I hit the ground running with our harvest duties and delivered Tex-Mex Sloppy Joes on tortillas for the evening meal. I found the recipe by Chef Alli in the Kansas Living magazine that Farm Bureau publishes. I had tried it out on Mark and the guys when they were in the area and they seemed to approved. The recipe went a little farther than I was expecting and was more than I’d get through at home, so I sent some over to our neighbors. They liked it, and she requested the recipe. With so much positive feedback, I decided to go for round two and tried it on Ryan and crew. They approved as well and deemed it a “do-over.”

These days, if I can make something that’s fast(ish), easy, and tasty, I feel like I’m winning at life! If you’re in the same boat and need some meal inspiration, here’s a link to the recipe that’s crew and neighbor approved.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs

This large electric skillet has revolutionized my tiny kitchen cooking experience this summer.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs

Little man on dessert duty.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs

The finished product.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs 1st Supper (Laura)

We got there just as they were moving to a different field so we grabbed a few pictures before joining the parade. The delivery would have to wait until they arrived at the field.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs 1st Supper (Laura)-3

Kirby was in #2 tonight.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs 1st Supper (Laura)-2

Willem in the tractor.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs 1st Supper (Laura)-4

Henry in #21.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs

Lady A drove us to the field. Just kidding! She and I were hiding from the mosquitoes while watching the harvest action.

HPH-2016-Sharon Springs 1st Supper (Laura)-5

The wait was worth it. Little Man and Dad reunited and took a combine ride. It was a good night!

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