All Aboard Harvest | From Yellow to White (video)
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From Yellow to White (video)

Matheson, Colorado –
Things happen on the road – much like they do when we’re home. At home, we have our favorite places to go when we need help with a situation. But…those places can’t help us out when we’re 600 miles (or more) from home. 

We count on our farmers and other harvesters to give us suggestions for places to go when we are in need of help with combine/truck repairs, doctors, trailer house repairs or anything else that will help us keep moving. When you stop in a new location for the first time, you never want to have to have suggestions for these different places. But, when a breakdown occurs and a place is suggested (and they treat you right), they tend to get repeat business as often as needed.

This is why we frequent the Witt Boys NAPA Auto Parts store in Limon while harvesting in the area. Jim absolutely loves to visit this store. When their services are needed, we know we can count on things being done right and meeting Jim’s expectations. 

When the front tire of the combine developed a bulgesteps were immediately taken to get a replacement found. Dawson Tire & Wheel in Gothenburg, Nebraska loaned us a yellow-rimmed tire to use until the new one arrived from South Carolina. We made the 300+ mile (one way) trip to Gothenburg the day after we arrived in Limon. The very next day (Sunday), the Witt Boys’ tire truck showed up and made the swap. The new tire made its way to the Limon store and once we were done with the wheat, Jim made the call to have the truck return to make another tire swap. 

Clint Rand (also involved with the first tire swap) and Eddie Ehmann showed up at the farm on Friday morning to put the new tire on. These two made the swap look effortless – almost like they’ve done it before. 🙂 And another thing I noticed…who needs a weight room when you handle tires?

Z Crew: Because it's what harvesters do!

The brand new tire.

Z Crew: Because it's what harvesters do!

Goodbye yellow-rimmed tire!

Z Crew: Because it's what harvesters do!


I added this video to show you just what it takes to get the job done!

Z Crew: Because it's what harvesters do!

Good as new and ready for the field, once again.

Z Crew: Because it's what harvesters do!

While the tire was being inflated, there was interest in what the combine looked like behind the shield. Jim was happy to answer questions.



Thank you, Clint and Eddie!! Jim paid you the best compliment ever and you didn’t even know it…until now. “It’s an art to be a true tire man” and in his eyes, you fit the bill! Also a huge thank you to John and David Witt (Witt Boys NAPA) and Dawson Tire & Wheel for all the help you provided with this ordeal!

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