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A gentle, healing rain

Garrison, North Dakota: “So, when do you think you’ll head back?” That was the question from Ryan. You see, we had never planned for the kids and I to stay the entire time up north. I would need to return home to get caught up on things. It seems that the mail hasn’t been getting to us quite quick enough via forwarding, so this time we left our mail as normal. I told Ryan that I would probably leave around midweek but we’d see how it went. Later that night is when I got the text from an old friend. “Hey, don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but…” At this stage in life, those types of messages aren’t usually about to exclaim positive news. My heart sank as I continued reading and learned that one of our friend’s mother had been called to be with Jesus after a very courageous battle with cancer. Once I learned of the arrangements, I solidified our plans to leave midweek with a small detour to pay respects to my friend and her family. Her mother was such a kind, lovely woman, and I know she will be missed terribly.

Of course before leaving we had to go to the field one more time. Even though we plan to have several more months of harvesting ahead of us, wheat harvest is just different so we had to have season closure! The forecast called for rain, and the further west we drove, the darker the cloud became. We arrived at the field wondering if we would even get a final ride, but it held off long enough for Ryan to pick us up in the tractor and get a few loads. Then the rain started. It was more of an eager sprinkle to be honest, but just enough for us to wonder if we’d have to call it a day.

The timing of the gentle rain couldn’t have been more perfect. I always get a little emotional when it’s time to wrap a season up and it was like the rain was shedding tears for the emotions I felt inside me. The rain tears represented the stress that goes into owning a business, but also the joy of having a safe (thus far) and bountiful harvest. There were tears of dreading yet another separation for our family, but also thanksgiving that we had so much unexpected time together in North Dakota. Some were a tinge of sadness that a great summer of adventure was over and the kids are growing up so fast, but also excitement for new adventures ahead. Some were tears of sadness for my friend and her family as well as other families we know who have lost loved ones this past year, but there was also peace in believing in the Promise that they are resting in Him. Watching the tears of rain on the beautiful country side cleansed my soul.  And to make matters even better, the crew was able to resume cutting not long after the shower passed.  I felt a deep sense of peace as we loaded up and drove away from the field one last time for wheat season.

It may seem that this post is a season wrap up but there are more days of wheat harvest ahead! I will just be depending on the crew for updates and photos as we’ve returned home to take care of the behind the scenes work. It’s hard to believe that the end of wheat season is in sight!

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Little Man)

Introducing the “Little Man Cam”! Maybe its time he takes over all the photography duties for the business! (Photo Credit: Little Man)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Little Man Cam)

Dumping on the go. (Photo Credit: Little Man)

HPH-North Dakota-2016 (Ryan)

I’m usually the ambusher, but this time I was the ambushee. Ryan caught me doing what I do. (Photo credit: Ryan)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

Rain drops were like tears falling on the hood of the tractor. (Photo Credit: Laura)


HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

This lone sunflower plant was just begging to have its photo taken. (Photo Credit: Laura)


HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

This little one was looking for some cover. (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

Willem at the wheel. This photo gives you an idea of the lay of the land. So many hills and NO terraces!!! (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

Unloading on the stop! (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

The dark clouds ended up just yielding a tiny shower over the field. (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

More unloading. (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

The wheat was pretty against the overcast sky. I would be remiss not to have one more wheat photo! (Photo Credit: Laura)

HPH-2016-North Dakota (Laura)

Heading for the truck. (Photo Credit: Laura)



Heading back to town with a lighter heart. (Photo Credit: Laura)

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