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Steph: Photo of a photo

Dodge City, Kansas – A little over a week ago, I received a Facebook message request. I hit “accept” to get a look at what this perfect stranger had to say. In the message, this gal explained to me that her and her husband both grew up on farms in Oklahoma, but they had made their home in the Philippines for thirty-five years now. She continued on to say her husband never missed a High Plains Journal issue and that he particularly loved the All Aboard Wheat Harvest program. How cool is it that? This program is so widely renowned.

We chitchatted about how harvest was going, and she then mentioned to me that there was one particular photo that her husband loved. The only thing was this; he had only seen it in black and white, and he had always wanted to see it in color. I asked her to send me a “photo of the photo,” and I would see what I could do in terms of hunting it down in my picture archives.

Sure enough, the photo was recognized by my harvest lizard brain immediately as a photo I had taken around Lyons, Kansas a couple harvests back. Upon finding it, I emailed the copy directly to her husband, explaining a bit about it and that I hoped he enjoyed it.

A few days ago, I received an email response. Not only did he love the photo, but he also printed off a 16-by-20 copy of it. It is now hanging in their house in the Philippines. Honestly, this is one (because there are many) of the coolest things to happen since I began writing for AAWH. The fact that someone loved my photo so much as to hang it in their home is amazing to me. To think I bought my first camera from my cousin on a whim, because she was simply looking to upgrade.

Original photo -- taken in Lyons, Kan.

The original photo taken in Lyons, Kansas.

A picture of the picture framed and hanging in their house in the Philippines.

A picture of the picture framed and hanging in their house in the Philippines.

Ed and Jen Butler, a couple of Oklahoma natives.

Ed and Joyce Butler, a couple of Oklahoma natives.

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