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Laura: Nearly done with Kansas

Tribune/Sharon Springs, Kansas – We just finished our job here in the Greeley and Wallace County area. To give you some perspective, last year we started around July 5, and this year we ended the entire job on the 5th. It’s interesting how seasons can vary so much from year to year.

This was part of the area affected by the late season blizzard I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Most of the wheat was laid flat beneath the snow. And who would have thought, after all it’s been through this year, it would survive and be a respectable crop.

Test weights here were in the high 50s. Irrigated acres ranged widely between 50-80+ bushels per acre. I guessed the reduction in yield was due to freeze damage but was told they suspected it was 10 consecutive days of heat at the end that effected the yield.  The irrigated results were a bit of a disappointment and just another example of a farm that tried to do everything right and was dinged by natural forces out of their control.  Dryland (non irrigated) acres were in the 50 bushel per acre range. In some places, it was as good or better than the irrigated, which is unusual.

High Plains Harvesting (Laura)

They let the natural vegetation border their fields, and it is just lovely.

High Plains Harvesting (Laura)

Waiting for the grain cart.

High Plains Harvesting (Laura)

Dumping on the go.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

A rare photo of the Mr. and Mrs.

High Plains Harvesting (Laura)

When the sun goes down, the lights come on!

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

Once a summer, we have to hit up the small town theater. Like Sharon Springs, Tribune has a community-run facility and just installed brand-new seating. I love how the citizens of small towns work together to provide nice things/events for their communities.

HPH 2017

This tradition has been going on for decades. We enjoyed breakfast and a church service on the courthouse lawn.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

Fourth of July meal. Pulled barbecue chicken, cheesy hash browns, and peanut butter pie.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

An example of how the stems grew back and self-adjusted after the late season blizzard.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

The straw was tough.

HPH 2017 (Laura)

My map app severely doubts my ability to maneuver country roads. There’s no way it’s going to take me 23 minutes to go 5.2 miles.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

Discussing the next move.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

See the ball bearing and grease? That’s NOT what a final drive line is supposed to look like. A big thanks to Carrico Implement for getting us back up and running!

High Plains Harvesting (Laura)

The view looking up the pivot.


Unloading at the bin.


I ambushed him!


Keeping watch.

High Plains Harvesting 2017

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth!

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Laura)

Time to move along!

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