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Laura: Montana

Hardin, Montana – For those of you who have been waiting for the Montana pictures, well, you’re in luck. They’re starting to trickle in.

Montana usually seems to be a highlight for the crew and readers probably because it so unique environmentally. They don’t call it “Big Sky Country” for nothing! The report from Mark and the crew up in Montana is that they’re cutting in absolutely beautiful country. They’ve seen lots of deer and other various forms of wildlife. The harvest has been respectable too. At the first farm, they’ve seen yields mainly in the 40-60 range with spikes all the way up to 100 bushels per acre. Below are some photos they’ve sent in.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Mark)

Montana sunset.  (Photo credit: Mark)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Mark)

Hard to get all the machines in the frame when they fields are so long! (Photo credit: Mark)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Mark)

There they all are! (Photo credit: Mark)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (James)

James is driving truck so he was able to capture this neat perspective of the field.  (Photo credit: James)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (James)

Down a long dusty dirt road… (Photo credit: James)

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