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Brian: It wasn’t always fun … but Oklahoma’s done!

Thomas, Oklahoma – Wow, what a way to start off the summer.  We survived frequent heavy rains, multiple hail storms, a tornado … and more muddy fields than you could shake a stick at.  Our endurance paid off in the end, but Oklahoma was kind of a “grin and bear it” start to the season.  Check out the video below for an up-close look at some of the challenges we had to overcome with muddy fields.

The last few days of harvesting the weather finally decided to get on board with summer-like heat and wind.  The ground conditions improved, and we were able to actually enjoy the last few fields with a lot lower stress level. We never got any equipment stuck in the mud, which was amazing, but there were plenty of close calls with 4-wheel drive engaged all the time.

Oklahoma brings a lot of unique scenery with it’s bright-red dirt, unique wild life and distinct terrain compared to other wheat-growing states.  The video below offers a quick re-cap of our Oklahoma experience with plenty of harvesting action.  Come ride along and take it all in!

With Oklahoma finished we load up equipment and move to the next stop on the list … southwest Kansas.  Let’s hope we have a little less rain and a lot more sun while in the Sunflower State.  I’ll see you there!

Red Road

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