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Laura: Friends across the world

South central Montana—Where has the summer gone? I don’t know how it can already be the last day of July. I can still remember the anticipation of the season like it was yesterday, but here we are and school is just around the corner!

I recently met up with half of the crew as they were passing through northeast Colorado on their way to Montana. They needed to stop for a part and a quick rest. It typically takes two days to get to Montana from our headquarters with wide loads.

We have crew members that are experiencing their first season on our crew but also several that are on their second, third or more. We have Americans but also many from other countries. This may be our most diverse crew we’ve ever had as far as homelands go! The diversity is win-win. They get a chance to experience America if they haven’t already, and those of us from the USA get to learn more about life in other areas. The world really becomes a smaller place!

Sometimes you’ll see flags on the equipment, both American and those of crew members’ homelands. Can you guess what countries are represented in these pictures? I’ll give you a hint. Not including America, you should see three additional countries for this post.

High Plains Harvesting
The High Plains Harvesting team with the first load to Montana.

High Plains Harvesting
Which country is this?

High Plains Harvesting
How about this one?

High Plains Harvesting
The flag in this picture is tough to spot.

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