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Laura: Southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma

South central Kansas: Well, that escalated quickly. We have finished south central Kansas and northern Oklahoma and are on to southeastern Colorado and western Kansas. When the post was written, we had not had a single rain day since we started in Texas and these hot winds and high temperatures have caused the wheat to continue to ripen at a rapid pace.

It’s funny to think, at this time last year, we were still cutting away in Oklahoma and things weren’t ready in Kansas. Seasons can fluctuate greatly year to year.

One of the things to note about south central Kansas was the great test weights with many coming in 64 to 65. Yields averaged around 50. It was fantastic cutting conditions. Hot, windy days with low humidity allowed the crew to saw through the wheat without delay.

A highlight for the children at this stop was digging crystals at the Salt Plains. They’ve been looking forward to it since we left last year. We were rewarded for our efforts with some nice specimens. Another perk was getting to meet some new harvest friends. It seems that due to timing and logistics we don’t always get to camp near crews with children. This year, the children have met new friends in Texas and Kansas, respectively. Community is important, it brings more joy to the adventure and helps fight the loneliness that sometimes creeps in when you’re away from home and friends.

While the crew and big machines are often in the harvest spot light, there are many unsung heroes of this endeavor. One of those groups is the harvest support teams that put in many long days and miles, behind the scenes, up and down the Great Plains. We recently had an issue with one of our headers. It turned out to be a wiring harness and was a wonder it was even running. The team helped our crew member with the issue, made adjustments to help him finish the rest of the day, scheduled an appointment for after hours, stayed very late into the night and had us ready to roll by the the next morning. Thanks guys for keeping us cutting and going above and beyond for support. We appreciate you!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
One of the John Deere Harvester Works’s team members holding the part in question. Thank you so much for all your support, team! Safe travels going north!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
It’s always fun to talk to the crew on the radio!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
There has been plenty of cutting under the stars lately.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
One night the kids and I were able to watch “The Sandlot” downtown. Fresh air movies are the best!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Chow break!

High Plains Harvesting
Digging crystals near Jet, Oklahoma.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
We had a great time at the Salt Plains!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Sunsets at harvest are the best!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Unloading on the go!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
The littles were catching a ride on this evening.

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