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Lindsey: Finding balance

WaKeeney, Kansas—We just wrapped up a 10-day stint around WaKeeney, Kansas. This area has received substantial moisture recently which makes for less than favorable cutting conditions. Muddy ground, laid-over wheat and pesky weeds means a slow run for the combines. Despite the conditions, we saw strong yields of 40 to 50 bushels per acre with test weights ranging from 60 to 62 pounds.


Getting started in St. Peter, Kansas.

As a harvest wife and mom, stops like these can certainly dampen my spirits a bit. When cutting conditions aren’t ideal, that is my cue to keep our kids out of the field if at all possible. This keeps distractions for everyone to a minimum.


St. Peter, Kansas.

Yes, what a blessing to get to take day trips, swim to our hearts’ content and make memories to last a lifetime. But while I am in full-blown mom mode, it is hard to not feel like I should be doing more or that I am failing in some way by being so removed from what is going on in the field. I am still getting lunch and supper to everyone and will make a parts run at the drop of a hat, but I guess the mental struggle stems from the lack of balance—having “fun days” with my kiddos while my husband and crew and likely having some of their more stressful days.


Castle Rock near Quinter, Kansas, is a must see!


We made an unexpected stop at Walter P. Chrysler’s childhood home in Ellis, Kansas.


Sweet summertime!

I suppose every rose has its thorn and regardless of the circumstance, we all must press on and make the best of what is in front of us.  Whatever we manage to accomplish for today should always be sufficient—tomorrow is another day!


Those Kansas sunsets can be hard to beat!

Happy harvest trails to you!

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