All Aboard Harvest | Laura: Montana has big sky and big hills!
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Laura: Montana has big sky and big hills!

Southern Montana: Pictures can’t always do some landscapes justice and this is certainly the case with our first farm in Montana. It is very rolling and often steep. The fields are massive with fingers that branch out from the main sections. Maybe the best way I can describe it is if you were to think of looking at a topographical map of a lake, except instead of water there is wheat.

By this time, the crew members have had plenty of practice operating equipment, but some of the fields can provide a challenge for even the most seasoned of drivers. Decisions have to made for how heavy to load the cart to get it out of the field safely. One must avoid alkali soil spots. These places can be deceiving and even though dry, can also catch a machine like mud. Dust hangs still and heavy on roads so truck drivers must navigate them carefully. Add these things to the normal responsibilities and there’s no shortage of things to think about.

Yields may be down a little this year but we’re still seeing them in the 40 to 60 range. One thing that can be interesting about this area that despite the changing terrain, the wheat can be fairly consistent across the field. Its an incredibly vast and beautiful place that you almost have to see to believe.

Below are some photos I’ve taken recently.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Ready to rumble here in Montana! This shot was moments before everyone dispersed.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Nerves of steel. Campbell navigated this hill like a champ. You cannot fully grasp the steepness from the photo.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Well, hello, down there! Pretty cool vantage point from the top of this hill!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Chris unloading on Garett.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Waiting for the next load.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
These guys are childhood friends and a couple are family. That’s one of the neat things about our team!

High Plains Harvesting
Truckers were hopping!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Round and round we go!

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Coming up over the hill.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
It’s hard to beat the view at dusk.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Goodnight from Montana.

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  • Roger E Titus
    Posted at 18:57h, 14 August

    Wow, beautiful pictures!!! Awesome
    I am from northern North Dakota, by Williston, and know what you are talking about hills, we have a lot of those!
    Keep the pictures coming.

    • Laura Haffner
      Posted at 12:28h, 21 August

      It sounds like you do! Thanks for reaching out! 🙂

      We have a crew in North Dakota now. Beautiful country.

  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 17:25h, 21 August

    Wonderful pictures Laura !! Ryan & you should check out the Palouse in eastern WA, there’s where they have hills !! Glad you have the headers in the wheat, give Lady A & Little Man a big hug from us!!

    • Laura Haffner
      Posted at 22:07h, 24 August

      Yes, there are definitely a whole next level of hills, Tom! You’re so right! 🙂