All Aboard Harvest | Janel: Would’ve stayed in Montana but…
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Janel: Would’ve stayed in Montana but…

North central South Dakota—Hello from the Dakotas! I was out in Montana for a few weeks and kept busy there harvesting winter wheat. We could’ve and would’ve stayed in Montana longer but had spring wheat to cut in South Dakota and had another deal going on with a combine that was still sitting down south. It missed a month and a half of very busy harvest time due to a break down. It was finally time to go pick it up and haul it up north here to cut spring wheat.

The winter wheat in Montana was making over 70 bushels per acre and the test weights were over 60 pounds per bushel. I checked the protein once and it was 10.5%. The weather was hot and dry. Some say it doesn’t rain at Fort Benton during harvest. While I was there it did rain and when I was getting ready to leave town it was thundering, lightning and a downpour rain let loose.

When I left Fort Benton and headed towards the Dakotas I again drove through miles and miles of wide open country, saw many cattle on grass and climbed many hills to get out of there. Getting out of Montana it’s up and down hills constantly (shifting and downshifting often) and a few rough highways that feel like everything could just shake apart at anytime. It’s not easy hauling wide loads and campers down the road but we were blessed with cooler temperatures and decent weather to get moved.

The day we left Montana we ended up stopping for the night in Bowman, North Dakota. We were trying to find a place for supper and most everything was closed. We finally found a little bar downtown and had a pizza. After supper I put twenty bucks in the pull tab machine. I had twenty pull tab cards and won on one card! Maybe that’s a sign that North Dakota is the place for me!

I made it back to South Dakota on Aug. 6 and the crops look good here too. We are now cutting spring wheat. So far it’s making over 50 bushels per acre. The test weight is 60 to 63 pounds per bushel and the protein is 13 to 15.5%. Our 10-day forecast is hot and dry so we should be able to stay busy cutting here until North Dakota is ready for us! I can’t wait to get to North Dakota. It’s always been my favorite on our harvest run!

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Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Montana winter wheat harvest.

Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Had a busy day of harvesting wheat in the Golden Triangle.

Schemper Harvesting

Finishing up for the night after all day of harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

Here’s an example of the badger hole problem in Montana. There’s millions of them in the fields.

Schemper Harvesting

Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

My combine in the field.

Schemper Harvesting

Excellent quality and great looking wheat in Montana.


The fields are big. This was the 1,358 acre field. On the far end we had to wait a few times for the tractor grain carts to return.


Harvesting winter wheat in Montana.


A Montana wheat field.  What a pretty sight!


Beautiful standing crop in Montana!


My mom, the best cook ever, brought out to the field the best meal ever!


Stopped for supper!  I love this time of day!


Stopped for supper!


My combine and pickup header.


Excellent winter wheat crop!

Schemper Harvesting

These two pickup headers and the trailer are for sale altogether as one package and they are sitting in Fort Benton.


A Montana hemp field.


The crew camper had a rattle snake under it late one night in Montana. The guys were sitting outside and heard the rattling and shined a flash light and were spooked to see a rattle snake right next to them. Who knows where it came from? Was it already there or could it have ridden on the bottom of a pickup or the crew van from the field to town?


My mom on the Fort Benton walking bridge.


Such a beautiful night in Fort Benton.




The Missouri River at Fort Benton.


Such a beautiful bridge to walk across!


It’s quite the sight.  I could see fish in the water.


A pretty sight.  I hauled equipment across the bridge coming into and then leaving Fort Benton.


Proof that I was in Fort Benton!


My mom on the Fort Benton most beautiful bridge!

Schemper Harvesting

It does rain at Fort Benton during harvest time!  When I left town is was raining!  I love how there is wheat grown on both sides of the road here and there’s a lot of it!

Schemper Harvesting

Hauling the tractor grain cart down the road and following the pilot car and camper.

Schemper Harvesting

Hauling the combine and header down the road following the pilot car and camper.

Schemper Harvesting

A saw lots of cattle and mountains in Montana.

Schemper Harvesting

There’s many hay bales around too and mountains.

Schemper Harvesting

Leaving Montana and going to South Dakota.

Schemper Harvesting

We stopped in Bowman, North Dakota and I won $350!  I think it’s a sign that North Dakota just might be the place for me!

Schemper Harvesting

Pretty awesome shadow!  I love this time of day!

Schemper Harvesting

Almost to our South Dakota destination!  Yay!  Three days on the road and about to make it!

Schemper Harvesting

Definetely in South Dakota!  Check out this rig!

  • Carlene Schemper
    Posted at 21:47h, 18 August

    Nice article!

  • Gerald Torkelson
    Posted at 22:06h, 18 August

    i love your posts and pics! Envy! With ALL that equipment and fuel, you still make money? Wow!

  • whit mccall
    Posted at 10:08h, 19 August

    i’d love to see a 1358 acre field!

  • Tom Stockard
    Posted at 10:09h, 19 August

    Miss Moo?