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Christy: All lined up and ready to go

The sun is shining, and we should be cutting. The rain last night dumped somewhere around a half inch. We’ll be sitting, again, for a little bit.

Thursday we actually moved four of the eight machines we have here in Texas to cover one 50-acre field. The winter wheat we cut averaged 30 bushels per acre, with moisture of 14.5% and a test weight at 59 pounds. Due to the forecast, our farmer wanted to see something moving out in the field. I don’t blame him–I’m wishing we could be moving more than we are.

Getting in the field has brought the advantage of seeing how our new machines are working. We’ve encountered a couple issues and minor adjustments that MacDon and ProHarvest have come out and helped us correct. We’re pretty thankful for these guys–they give up their summer, just as we do, to make sure we can run all summer.

Gary and Paul took time this week to visit MacDon’s Kickoff Breakfast to have a refresher on head maintenance and upkeep in Vernon, Texas. Information at this meeting was found to be helpful and useful.

The root of the issue now is weather. We can’t do anything about it–and it’s frustrating. A week from now, we’re expected at our next stop. This next week will be stressful contemplating what we can do versus what we are supposed to be doing, and where we’re supposed to be.

On the other hand, one person is completely fine with all the machines sitting. She’s getting all the extra attention from the crew, Grandma and Papa, and Dad. Zoey has been to the pool every chance she gets, she’s had water balloon fights with the crew, lots of UNO games, and enjoyed walks and bike rides.

At the campground there’s a pond where she can also feed some abnormally friendly geese and ducks. The Schemper boys came to visit after the U.S. Custom Harvesters Safety Day Meeting and fed these geese, too. I think they enjoyed it. Zoey loves getting to see Sunder, Sage and Sterling. Our harvester friends help make some very special memories over the summer. The crew has also enjoyed fishing at the pond.

Down time has also given us the opportunity to shine up our big camper. The guys gave her a much needed scrub and she looks pretty sharp now.

Mealtime goes pretty easy for Rhonada and I because we don’t have to dish up individual meals and deliver food to the field. We set everything out on the deck of our big camper, and every one dishes up their own plate. Our crew seems to be pretty happy with what we’re making, as we haven’t had too much for leftovers. Meal ideas haven’t started running out yet, but I’m sure pretty soon I’ll be searching through some cookbooks and looking online for new recipes.

Besides that, there’s just not too much to share. Except complain about the weather. Hopefully the fields will start drying soon and wheels can start turning.

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboardharvest.com.

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