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Christy: Late starts and late nights

(Photo by Mike Less, Farmhand Mike.)

Early this week we started going steadily, and the rain finally backed off. Most days we didn’t get going until well after noon, usually around 4 to 5 p.m. I’m amazed we could work as late as we’ve been able to, but we’re covering ground, starting earlier everyday, and moving closer to our jobs down the road. All in all, we’ve covered about 4,000 acres this week.

The wheat we’re cutting is still in the 35 to 45 bushels an acre range. The moisture is sticking pretty close to 14 to 14.5%. The further north we move, I think we’ll get into some higher yielding wheat and wheat that is dry.

Gary and Rhonada moved part of the crew to Frederick, Oklahoma, to catch up on wheat ready there, and wheat by Hobart, Oklahoma. They took three machines to hopefully knock that part of the run off the schedule. I’m missing my days off cooking, but being able to finally consistently work makes it more than worth it.

It’s wonderful to be covering ground, but with all the rain the ground is soft. Some of our farmers will hold us off a bit for the ground to firm up, so we don’t leave tracks, but others just want it done. When that’s the case, we get stuck. Paul had a pretty frustrating day pulling machines and carts out left and right, but besides that field, it’s gotten much better. The end of this week we haven’t had any troubles. All machines and carts were pulled out successfully and safely. Thankfully we won’t need to run home and grab the tracks just yet.

Running on harvest, we like to bring some extra tires for those inevitable blowouts. On one of our rain days, the guys must have been a little bored, and decided to take someone who’d fit for a ride in a super-single. Pretty sure Zoey is waiting for her turn.

Our first day running all machines, Farmhand Mike came by to get some footage for his YouTube channel. He made an awesome video with excellent commentary about our operation and what’s going on in northern Texas.

(Photo by Mike Less, Farmhand Mike.)

Our better working days were short lived, though. Sunday night thunderstorms popped up and put a stop to progress. By the way it poured, I’d say tomorrow we have the day off again. If this doesn’t quit, we are really going to be in a bind getting to our next stops. Stress levels are steadily rising with the rain average.

Next week I’m looking forward to meeting some really special kids from Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. I’m excited to host these kids and share with them what we do on the road. If harvest is something you haven’t seen, it can be pretty neat to ride in a combine and learn how they work. I certainly thought so many years ago. There’ll be more about this next week.

Hopefully it quits raining and I’ll be soon reporting from Oklahoma or even possibly Kansas. It’s time to get out of Texas and see some different scenery.

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboardharvest.com.

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